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Wim Hof and the Immeasurable

Wim Hof and the Immeasurable
There is so much we don’t understand about the science of the human body. Spiritualists and scientists alike strive to explain the unexplainable. People often survive severe conditions and injuries, miraculously recover from terminal diseases and outlive their life expectancy.

There are methods of healing the mind and body that are not proven by science. This does not mean there isn’t a scientific explanation, it just means we have yet to find a way to adequately test, measure, and duplicate the results.

Wim Hof teaches about intensely filing the body with oxygen through vigorous breathing techniques, forcing the body into an adrenaline rush. The body expels toxins in this way, he says. He also practices taking meditative ice baths as a means of calming the mind and the body through intense stimulation from the cold.

Hof presents that his methods have been thoroughly proven. The lab work has already started and results are promising. A study was done recently with a group of his students and a control group where E.Coli was introduced into the bloodstream - none of Hof’s students became ill. Science may never fully catch up to mysticism but what little we can measure has shown these methods to work.

Buddhists have been using similar methods for centuries to induce a higher level of meditative engagement. They did not require a scientific explanation of the practice. It was simply good for them, and aided in their meditations, and that was enough..

In sum, if we’ve learned anything from science, it is that our ability to confirm through the scientific method shouldn’t limit what is possible. What is measurable is not all that there is. We as humans don’t know what we don’t know, and that means we have a future of infinite possibilities ahead.

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