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The Eternal and the Fleeting

The Eternal and the Fleeting
Rumi speaks to us of spirituality, love, and the nature of being. To have been a poet living and writing in the 13th century and to have his words endure over the centuries is remarkable, but when you read his poetry, it resonates on a human level, deeper than time. Much of what Rumi created doesn't sound like the written word, but a conversation between a teacher and a student, or old friends sharing with each other.

In the fleeting moment of inspiration, creativity is a fully present activity. You achieve a flow state, you lose place and time, and you are completely focused on creating. Rumi teaches us to harness the present moment. Rumi said “when I am silent, I fall into a place where everything is music.”

The ability to be an artist or a poet like Rumi requires being present with human feelings and thoughts, no matter how fleeting. Those fleeting and subtle emotions are captured by a poet and articulated for us to see. We know the fleeting feelings Rumi describes - his work aims to show the importance of emotion and feeling.

Rumi’s words about the fleeting nature of life are immortalized in human history.

The incredible power of the written word is that it can transport a fleeting thought from a poet living over 800 years ago to us today, and that thought still carries just as much emotion and power as ever.

The power of art, the power of human creation, is that it can literally transcend time and space and become greater than any one person. Rumi was just one man, but his words have shaped humanity and spirituality. He has changed the way we think about love and life. His words will continue to do so indefinitely, as time matches on and his words endure.

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