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Consciousness as Energy

Consciousness as Energy

Are you your body and brain? Does your consciousness live inside this vehicle of flesh and bone? You can imagine yourself in a far away place, and do so with such vivid clarity your brain and body will start to believe it. 

You can alter your consciousness through meditation, psychedelics, or simply through repetitive activity and thought patterns. This in turn affects your physical self, and can truly be the difference between a full and healthy life and one that diminishes over time.

Consciousness doesn’t live in any one part of your mind, in fact, it could be considered to not be in any one physical place at all. So what is this force behind the eyes reading the words? 

Be aware of your breathing, clear your mind, and bring yourself closer to your inner self. Revel in the fact that your consciousness is one of the most treasured mysteries in the world. 

Where will this deepest part of your inner self go when you leave your body? There is no energy created or destroyed in the universe, it only changes form. You are eternal in that way.

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