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Strength in Weakness

Strength in Weakness

When a person expresses weakness, it makes their strengths more apparent. 

Mankind has always celebrated physical demonstrations of strength, from the gladiator’s arena to mixed martial arts tournaments.

But physical strength is not the same as mental strength. Jiu-jitsu matches aren’t always won by the bigger or stronger of the competitors. The mental game plays a key role, both emotional and technical. What experiences you’ve had on the mat, and how well you can keep your calm are vital. 

So what does this say about mental strength? Mental strength is tested the most when the odds are stacked against us. When things aren’t going our way, and when physicality and power can’t be relied upon. 

In that moment, when you know you must rely on your own mental space, sometimes the wisest thing you can do is zoom out, and look at your weaknesses honestly. Be up front about what you are up against, and be honest with yourself about it. 

The gladiator may have physical strength, which was celebrated in ages gone by. Today we know that true strength lies in the person who is able to admit weakness, fault, and frailty in search of a better self.

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