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Enduring Human Spirit

Enduring Human Spirit

The art of wrestling and grappling as we know it today can be traced back to a matter of practicality. Soldiers and tribesmen needed to practice to gain strength and skills in the event of combat. This practical need for grappling grew into something more spiritual, woven into their culture.

Physical strength and beauty are praised in ancient Greek legends and myths, and these were considered the most god-like traits one could have. African Senegalese grapplers perform elaborate rituals before their matches, to enhance their luck and show their strength.

Myths and legends are the stories we tell ourselves to make ourselves into better human beings. The Greeks did so by creating their gods, and the Senegalese did so by telling their stories with pride and ceremony. 

Sport in general is about the enduring human spirit, and the desire to be better today than we were yesterday. When we lose time and place and become completely present, whether that be through creativity, or a physical activity, or a psychedelic experience - we are bringing ourselves closer to god, closer to a better understanding of ourselves.

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