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Appreciate the Unknown

Appreciate the Unknown

Deep in the Amazon, thousands of rock paintings stretching over 8 miles of rock face have been recently discovered. They date back over 12,000 years to some of the first humans to ever reach the Amazon. 

Discoveries like these show how little we know about our own world. Fascinating things are hidden in plain sight. Simply cataloguing this new site will take generations, and we will learn new things about ancient people all along the way.

One can’t help but be amazed by the scale, and there are already unexplainable mysteries about how they were created sometimes at dangerous, unreachable heights. 

But we don’t need to explain and catalogue beauty. Society attempts to take a discovery like this, put it in a box, and file that box away as “part of us” and our collective human existence. 

What if we simply allow ourselves to be in awe of the beauty? The real gift we receive from a discovery like this one is not knowledge, but humility. We are never so fortunate as a human race as we are when we make beautiful discoveries. Discoveries remind us how much we don’t know - and remind us to take a step back and appreciate the vast unknown.

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