The Mystery of our Potential

The Mystery of our Potential

Unlocking our mental potential has only just begun. 

Unlocking our mental potential has only just begun. Right now, we can only fantasize about what the human mind is truly capable of achieving. When the boundaries are pushed to their limits, growth happens. Explore the vastness and let it flow through you, because we don’t fully know what we are capable of becoming.

There’s so much mystery surrounding our brains, so few things in the universe that function the same way, we really can’t be sure what happened to make us this way. 

The feeling you get when you try and comprehend infinity may be the same feeling an ape feels when it tries to comprehend a prime number. It doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished, it just means we haven’t unlocked that part of this magical mystery box called the human mind.

The limited viewpoint we have as humans should be appreciated. There’s still fascination and discovery ahead - the human journey is far from over, and that is exciting.

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