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Humanity and Change

Humanity and Change
Our understanding of psychedelics has only scratched the surface. The human race handles new discoveries in peculiar ways. It has only been a little over a century since we discovered the existence and threat of germs and started washing our hands.. It has been less than a century since we created the first atomic bomb, and less than a generation since the birth of the internet.

We still don’t know entirely what to do with these accomplishments, because in most cases, it takes us a while to get things right.

Psychedelics have been around for thousands of years, but only entered into mainstream American culture during the psychedelic revolution of the 60’s. Even then, we weren’t entirely sure what we were dealing with. Professors experimented, and wrote about their experiences. Musicians and creators were inspired by their effects as well. Psychedelics created a new state of consciousness, some thought a higher state of being, but we were still mostly in awe of what we’d ‘discovered’ without truly understanding it.

We saw the immediate results, but didn’t understand the long-term healing effects when used properly. It is only in the last few years that real credit has been given to their ability to heal the mind. From trauma victims to those experiencing deep depression, psychedelics have recently been introduced as part of the healing process, which is a promising sign of what is to come.
The mere existence of psychedelics shows us how much more there is to discover about ourselves. The human mind and the human experience are a vast and unending trove of new information. Science is catching up to the power of psychedelics, now it is time for our culture to learn as well. As long as this is viewed as a recreational drug, or a manner of escapism, society will not embrace the positive benefits.

As always, when we make discoveries that change everything, it takes society time to catch up. Be patient with those that are not there yet, and be optimistic for what the world could look like when society catches up.

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