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Be Grateful To Be Anything At All

Be Grateful To Be Anything At All

You’re nothing, and you’re everything. Contemplating Existence is overwhelming, and yet completely unimportant to our daily lives. 

We exist. We are here. This much we know and agree on. 

But what is the great why? Wake up in the morning and do – what? 

Some would say it goes back to what you believe about how we got here in the first place. Is it God, is it just chance? Am I supposed to do what I want to do, or am I supposed to do what is expected of me?

If God made you, then you have a purpose you are to fulfill. But if you are the result of the gradual development of the galaxy, solar system, and earth, there’s no one to live up to, no one to impress. No one to let down.

Does it make even the smallest bit of difference which is true?

How much emphasis are we really going to give the great ‘meaning of it all’ when all we want to do is live our best lives and get through the day? 

But some people aren’t just getting by, they are flourishing. And it probably isn’t because they ponder the great unknowns and have mastered the reasons we’re all here. It’s probably because they’ve let it go, adapted to the wonder of it all, and simply exist.

Simply exist. 

Your best self will come from being part of this cosmic journey and not fighting to understand it. 

Self-awareness makes us feel like we’re supposed to understand so much more than we are actually capable of - if there is a question, we can answer it. If there is a problem, we can solve it. But maybe we need to give ourselves a break - do our best for ourselves and enjoy the ride. 

Take the challenges as they come, do your part to make things a tiny bit better. 

Enjoy the breeze. Take the hits. 

Be grateful to be anything at all.

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