Your Mind is Sacred Space

Sacred spaces are vital to our way of life. We mark our sacred spaces with decorum, and we change our behavior when we enter. Sacred space makes us feel connected to one another. Sacred spaces help us tell the stories that define human experience.

Places and events have meaning to us. Our jobs, our homes, our martial art academies - these are all marked with rites of passage, ritual, codes of behavior, and specific rules of how we engage with others.  That is the definition of a sacred place.

But what about our mind as a sacred space? If we consider the mind a sacred space, what are we doing to celebrate it? How do we show honor to ourselves by entering into a ritual, what do you do differently when you’re in your mind? 

We celebrate many things in the outside world, but how do we celebrate ourselves? Take pride in your mind, find out how to make it your favorite place to be. Who can you love if you can’t love yourself?

In ritual, we celebrate that which we hold sacred. How do you treat your mind like the sacred space that it is? 

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