A Constant State of Change

Embrace change - as Lao Tzu says, if you do not change direction you will end up where you are going. Your trajectory is your own to control. You are not at the whims of some external forces that prevent you from being the best version of yourself possible. The very nature of existence in our universe is due to the fact that everything is constantly changing. 

If you don't like the way things are, take control of your life. Accept nothing less than freedom to be the person you desire to be, it is your basic human right. You have one beautiful fleeting moment of existence and it should be spent how you want to spend it. If you love the way things are right now, and your life is where you want it to be, you should still embrace change. Appreciate the good times as fleeting moments, and know that there will never be another day like today, and there will never be another you exactly the way you are in this moment.

You are in a constant state of change, but you are your own self-fulfilling prophecy. You will be exactly what you set out to be, so make it count. Harness your destiny.

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