We are the stewards, we are the solution.

If sophisticated beings from other worlds were looking down on earth as it is today, would they say we are a loving people worthy of greater things? Would our technological achievements matter to them, would our capacity to create beautiful things redeem us from our faults? 

We have created beauty over the course of millenia, from the pyramids of Giza and the cave paintings of Lascaux to modern day film and unmanned spacecraft. We’ve put the entirety of our species knowledge and experiences in the palm of our hands for all to access. Our everyday world would be seen as full of magic in the eyes of another human just a few generations ago.

However, our accomplishments do not compensate for how we treat each other and how we treat our world. We must be stewards of humanity, stewards of art, beauty, and of each other. Only when we are capable of that connection will we be free to grow into something greater.

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