The Ripple and the Dead

There was a new video release for “Ripple” by the Grateful Dead recently. The song is as relevant today as it was when it was created. In a beautiful display of Tarot card imagery, The Fool journeys on, through The World, seeing The Star, The Moon, and The Sun.  He encounters The Devil, The Magician, and The Empress. 

One notable verse:

“There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go, no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone”

We strive for companionship and belonging in the world, but to grow, we must often choose a path that encounters solitude and loneliness. How you choose to spend your solitude will determine so much about your life. Whether you escape that time alone by distracting yourself or you decide to learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, one way or another it will profoundly change who you are. 

Seek out paths that will put you on your own. This is how you’ll practice loving who you are when no one else is around. 

Embarking on a journey down the road less traveled is about being present with yourself and comfortable with yourself as you head down your path, the path no one else can take. That is the journey, for you.

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