Seek Truth, Not Simplicity

To question the world around you and to know the difference between reality and fiction requires making up your own mind about things. Cynicism, suspicion and denial are powerful in the face of things we disagree with or don’t understand - and can lead you to some dark places. Choose optimism, choose unity and love, because the world looks different depending on what lens you choose to view it through. 

Our desire to find rational explanations for the world around us can lead us to short-cutting the truth. It is easier to believe a false simple thing than to learn a complex concept.

Sometimes conspiracies are rooted in the fact that to accept the truth now would be to accept so many things about the world that we don’t want to believe. Climate change is real, tragedies happen without being a nefarious government plot, and there isn’t a dark figure behind the curtain pulling all the strings. 

The simple truth is that we are each in control of our destiny as part of the entire human race and have to make choices to help the world become a better place. We can’t waste time trying to find larger, darker truths so we can wash our hands of the responsibility.

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