Humility and the Sacrifice of the Ego

The psychedelic experience is inherently tied to humility and the sacrifice of ego. Society wants us to aim higher, work harder, do more, get more - the present is not ever enough. Societal pressures are all about the ego and what you can do for yourself in tangible ways. 

When you are present with yourself, whether it be through meditation, being in a flow state, or through the use of guided psychedelics, you are freeing your mind. Society goes away, the self and the ego goes away, and something amazing happens - you find tranquility and you cherish the temporary nature of the moment.

Understanding the Tao is about understanding adaptability and gradual change over time. Often guided experiences alter your psychological state and help you break down those barriers inside yourself that hold you back. In this way you can gradually heal or grow in ways society can’t measure or chart. 

Everything that needs fixed in this world starts with changing human minds for the better. You can work on your own mind every day, and overtime become a better version of yourself. 



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