Being Still and Being Aware

Awareness is like a space that our thoughts, experiences and emotions pass through. Tapping into that awareness requires a focused effort toward connecting with yourself. This is the essence of meditation. Beyond religion, beyond science, there’s one thing you can know to be true, and that is your own awareness of self.

Meditation is often confused with the practice of intentionally thinking of nothing, or intense stillness and pushing away negativity. On the contrary, meditation is about the flow of thoughts and emotions through you as you become more aware of yourself and those feelings. 

You can focus your meditation on a concept or an idea, or you can simply be aware of yourself and what is coming to the surface in your moment of quiet. When the seas are tranquil, you can see the tiniest disturbances. 

You may be going through your day calibrated to a certain level of stress or anxiety based on your constant motion. Be still, let it flow through you, and find out what it feels like when the waters finally calm. 

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