Our Time and Place

We can’t outrun the light from all the stars in the universe, but we can drift away from it. As the universe expands, galaxies are moving further and further away from one another, and it is getting faster. We share the universe with potential life forms in all directions, and we’re lucky enough in our time to be witness to that.

There are things happening so far away that their light will never reach our planet to be observed, to be appreciated, and to be understood. There’s probably a galaxy similar to ours out there, on the opposite side of the universe, marveling at how even the light of our existences will never be shared.

It is said that in the distant future, galaxies will be so far apart that light from other galaxies will not reach them. Every galaxy will think it is the center of its own universe.

This is not something to despair over. Instead, let it expand your mind and show you how special it is to be right where we are, in this time and place in the universe, and that we are here together. The odds of existing at all are so miraculous, let alone sharing it with these other people in your lifetime. We exist in time and place in this universe with a purpose - to exist, and observe, and embrace all that we can about this beautiful universe.
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