MF Doom Shall Live on Forever

MF Doom passed away on October 31, 2020. While here on this earth, he created something that was bigger than one person, bigger than himself, symbolized by the fact that he wore a mask.

While he could be described as a rapper, he was creating something more than just music - he was using the mask as symbol and opening our culture to seeing beyond the person on stage. MF Doom was more than human in this way. 

Religions seek to inspire through symbolism and give us the imagery we need in order to connect with the narrative. Spiritual symbols give us something outside of other humans to look to. Temples of worship, statues, the mountains of Tibet; they serve the purpose of shifting the focus from the material world around us to the spiritual world beyond us.

MF Doom’s masks made the statement that he was not the focus, the focus was his art. He surrendered his ego so the listener could hear past him, creating something that would live forever. 

We can all learn from his example, and try to create something beyond ourselves while we’re here.

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