Ancient Answers

Many people don’t know that the oldest ship ever discovered was a 153’ vessel entombed in the Pyramid of Giza, ready to escort Khufu into the afterlife. Ancient Egyptians existed on earth for their journey into the afterlife, and went to great lengths to ensure their leaders had all the comforts possible on their journey.

Entombed in this granite pyramid starship, Khufu and his wife would ride his wooden ship into the afterlife adorned with provisions and treasures, and they would take their place among the gods.

These pyramids would take decades to complete, with intricate thought and detail put toward every aspect of their beauty and their function. What can we learn from this incredible collaborative effort? What do we find so important that we can come together despite our differences to accomplish something? What false idols do we exalt that don’t deserve our labor?

We aim for the stars, slowly working our way out of our solar system, peaking out at the vastness of space - when we get to Orion’s belt, will we find the true reason that the Pyramids of Giza are perfectly aligned with those stars? There are often answers in ancient wisdom, answers to questions we’re still asking, hiding in plain sight, waiting to be rediscovered.
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