A Reminder of What Was

The most isolated place on Earth is Easter Island. Some beautiful day a thousand years ago, tribesmen set out from their homes they’d known for generations in order to find new places. They said goodbye to their history in order to set a course for a future - not knowing if they’d end up finding anything at all. 

They found this island, this lush and exotic place to call home. Their society flourished, and they erected statues to honor their former high chiefs, and to ward off evil from the island. For hundreds of years this was a paradise. 

Western explorers, slave traders, and deforestation caused the eventual downfall of this great society, but what is most fascinating is that a group of people with no real idea where they were going chose to set out on an expedition into the unknown on canoes and catamarans hundreds of years before any Western explorers would build massive ships and chart a course for America.

Many moai statues still stand today on Easter Island as a reminder of what was once so great about this place. Civilizations like the Incans, the Egyptians and these polynesian settlers all leave behind their statues and their buildings, and they stand as a reminder that one day our civilizations could be altogether abandoned for greater things.

The world moves on, civilizations rise and fall, but you are here now, in this moment, and it will always belong to you. 

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