A Moment of Eternity

Experiencing eternity doesn’t take all that long. What is eternity but the absence of time? Can you enjoy something beautiful and lose time? Can you remember a moment from long ago and feel transported back to that instant? That which we hold dear to us is exempt from the constraints of time. 

We humans try hard to understand “forever”. We worry about it, stress over it, and ultimately never get to experience it. What we can do, however, is escape time and place - being present, fully present, is as close as we’ll ever get to that feeling of forever, of eternity. Take a breath, anywhere, under any circumstances. Are you angry? Tired? Looking into the eyes of someone that loves you? Creating something beautiful? Trying your hardest? 

No matter the moment, if you can be present, and see that moment for everything that it has to offer, for better or worse, and try to take it with you - you’ll feel eternity. Because what is eternity but a moment that means so much that you tried to remember every single detail? 

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