Observation and Outward Focus

Do you see the patterns in the world around you? The rhythms of life beat like a drum, turn like a circle. And if you...

A Moment of Eternity

Experiencing eternity doesn’t take all that long. What is eternity but the absence of time? Can you enjoy something b...

Embrace Your Pain

Avoiding pain is natural. The fight or flight nature of all living creatures is woven into the fabric of our ecosyste...

Consider Our Vantage Point

Time is a relative thing, and we reference our world through the 24 hour clock that our human bodies have given us.

Seek Truth, Not Simplicity

To question the world around you and to know the difference between reality and fiction requires making up your own m...

Being Still and Being Aware

Awareness is like a space that our thoughts, experiences and emotions pass through.

Humility and the Sacrifice of the Ego

The psychedelic experience is inherently tied to humility and the sacrifice of ego. 

The Mystery of our Potential

Unlocking our mental potential has only just begun. 
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